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Access Control Systems

Delta Security offers a full range of access control products from core components to peripheral devices. A complete access control portfolio enables us to offer a complete solution design tailored to address our individual customer needs.

System Types:

Delta Security offers a full range of access control solutions to meet a customer’s specific requirements.

  • Standalone Systems ~ these are simple systems to restrict access to single or multiple doors with electronic cards or fobs programmed locally at the access point. These systems are usually for systems with less than 100 users with no requirements for audit trails or time restrictions.
  • PC Administrated Systems ~ these systems vary in size from one door to hundreds of doors across the same or multiple sites and utilise a Network to link together and software to control. The software gives you full control over the system from your desk. Any instructions given to the software are immediately updated at all the doors. Adding users, barring users and changing users’ access permissions are all done from the PC quickly and easily. If your company has several buildings, access to all of them can still be controlled from one location. Access permissions may be set individually or by department. This makes setting up different permissions for different groups of people quick and straightforward. Some areas may be restricted to only a certain group of users. Shift patterns may be set for departments, and those permissions are allocated instantly when a new user card is issued. Full audit trails for specific areas or users can be obtained and the system can provide simple time and attendance reports or can be linked to a specific payroll system for wages.


There are a number of different technologies that can be used as electronic keys to suit any application. These include:

  • PIN Code ~ a keypad is used to allow a PIN code to be used.
  • Proximity Reader ~ a fob or card has a unique code built in to allow contact free access by presentation to the reader
  • Smart Card ~ a card that uses contact free access by presentation to a reader but can also be used for other smart card technologies such as photocopier control & cashless vending.
  • Biometric ~ fingerprint, hand vein and eye iris readers can be used to offer a unique biometric read of a person’s anatomy. Fingerprint technology can be particularly useful in a Nursery application for allowing access for parents or guardians without the need for issuing cards or fobs

Door Entry:

Door Entry (intercom systems) can be integrated to the access control or can be installed as independent systems utilising audio only or video and audio technologies. Small one door systems or multiple door systems can be designed calling single or multiple handsets. Specialist flat / apartment systems can also be installed providing isolation to handsets to prevent damage to one handset preventing the full system to operate.