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CCTV is a growing market in both the domestic and commercial market place and can be used for a number of applications including:

  • Crime deterrent and building surveillance
  • Observation and site monitoring
  • Monitoring of production machinery
  • Duty of care for staff
  • Crowd control & stadium monitoring

Delta Security offers a full range of CCTV products utilizing Analogue, IP and Hybrid technologies from a number of quality manufacturers and suppliers. A complete CCTV portfolio enables us to offer a complete solution design tailored to address our individual customer needs.

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access control

Access control systems are electronic key security solutions for the management of access into, circulation and exit of specific areas of a premises or site. The three primary functions of access control systems are to monitor the locations of individuals within a building, control where individuals are able to gain access and manage individual user permissions to ensure that access is granted to the correct individual to the correct areas at the correct times.

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intruder alarms

Intruder Alarm systems have changed a lot since there initial introduction over 30 years ago, most manufacturers now aim for a more reliable system that eliminate false calls and current standards and regulations have also encompassed this idea to prevent unnecessary use of Police Resources. There are two main governing bodies for Security Companies and these are:

  • NSI (formally known as NACOSS) and the longest established regulator of Security Systems.
  • SSAIB providing competition to the NSI

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Most NSI intruder alarm companies sell on a "Rental Maintenance" contract basis, this means the control panel, external sounder and signalling device are owned by the Security Company. Other companies will discount the initial installation price because of the retained ownership of the "Rental Maintenance" and lock the customer in to a lengthy which means if you are not happy there is no get out without paying a premium penalty.

We however operate a "Outright Sale" basis only, all the equipment belongs to you our customer and if we have not performed you are free to cancel our services in writing at any time with the only penalty being any outsanding monitoring if applicable.

Why should you be penalised for a poor quality service.