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We have just completed the Security Installation for Silica Park and have used Paxton access control to provide solutions to a number of requirements. The bedrooms were locked off using Paxlocks and airbridges to provide a neat finish to the bedroom doors with access to the children to their bedroom only but providing staff with access if required.

The first solution that had to be designed was how to cut off the water in the event that a resident blocked a sink and left a tap running or broke off a tap. A Paxton P75 reader was fitted in three locations and each reader had the cover sprayed blue (water), these readers then controlled two solenoid valves connected to the water feed allowing immediate and quick cut off to the water supply. 

A further requirement was to provide the staff with a secure area to calm a child down if they were agitated, this was achieved by installing access control with read in / out on three doors leading from the entrance lobby with a Paxton P75 reader sprayed red (panic) fitted in the lobby. Under normal circumstances the doors would be unlocked and operate as a normal door but if the panic reader was fobbed then the three doors would go into lockdown preventing other children gaining access to the lobby and antagonising the situation. Staff could enter and leave the lobby freely with their cards.

Another problem that had to be overcome was how to allow emergency access to the communal bathrooms but still allowing privacy for the user. This was overcome by installing a Trimec electronic mortise release to integrate with the bathroom door bolt, so that the user could lock the door but staff could access the bathroom in an emergency but the other residents fobs would not allow access.

Alongside the Paxton Access control we also installed a Texecom Elite intruder alarm system to provide security to the building when empty and also monitor the external doors during the night. A small cctv system also complimented the rest of the building security comprising of a Qvis ApolloProLite DVR providing D1 recording at 6pps across the six 700Tvl colour cameras covering the building perimeter and car parking.